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What is reckless driving by speed?

Virginia law requires that police officers have their equipment (whether radar, lidar, or their car’s speedometer in a pace case) tested and in working and proper order. The Code of Virginia requires officers to have certain certifications for their equipment.

For those charged with reckless driving by speed, a speedometer calibration may prove helpful.

It may be possible to have your reckless driving charge tried in your absence if you hire an attorney.  Whether we can do so depends on the facts of your particular case.

Can Virginia suspend your out of state license?

Can we have your case tried in your absence?

What happens if you don’t show up?

Jail time of up to 1 year can be given for a Virginia reckless driving conviction.

See this article to learn more about jail time likelihood.

If you were charged with reckless driving, your attorney should be doing a lot of the defense work.  An attorney will usually advise a client to get his driving record.  Depending on the situation, I may recommend my clients to complete driving school and get their speedometer calibrated (in reckless driving by speed cases).

Should you go to driving school?

Often police officers will charge a driver with reckless driving at the scene of an accident.  This is no laughing matter.

Just because an accident occurred doesn’t mean a driver was reckless.

Medical emergencies as a defense to reckless driving.

Hydroplaning is not reckless driving.

If you are charged with reckless driving, how you should plead should depend on what evidence they have.  Sometimes pleading guilty lets the officer keep his story short when a driver’s behavior was particularly poor and they have a solid case.  Other times it is best to plead not guilty if we have a good argument that they can not prove their case.

It is important to speak with a police officer to understand his version of the facts before asking him to testify before a judge.

I prefer not to ask questions I don’t know the answer to.  And I think about how to present my client’s case.

Quick. Thorough. Gets Results.  Peter represented me for Reckless Driving – 81 in a 60 mph.  He had a wealth of experience to guide me along in the process.  He knew how to navigate the courts and the judges.  My Reckless driving was downgraded to simple speeding, 9mph over the speed limit!  Peter had realistic expectations about the outcome, but zealously asked the judge for a huge downgrade – I think judges like his upfront and straightforward way of practice, and the results prove it!


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A judge has a few options if he wants to show mercy for those charged with reckless driving.  Knowing what alternative dispositions are available helps me to know what to request of a judge when asking for mercy.

What is improper driving?

Reckless driving for passing a school bus?

You have 10 days to appeal a ruling of the General District Court. If you do, you will get a new trial in the Circuit Court. Appealing has its risks.  You can get a worse penalty after appeal compared to your original outcome.

See my article, why your chances of beating a reckless driving charge may be better on appeal.

Or my article on undoing a conviction of reckless driving.

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