DUI Defense

If you have been charged with DUI, you need a good, aggressive lawyer to protect your rights.  After you are arrested for driving under the influence, your license is administratively suspended for seven days.  For a second DUI offense, the suspension is 60 days or until you go to trial, whichever comes first.  For a third DUI offense, the suspension is until you go to trial.  This is automatic, whether you are found guilty or not guilty of the DUI charge.

If you are found guilty, because a DUI is a criminal charge, the penalties can be severe.   For a first offense, punishment may include up to a year in jail, fines starting at $250 (and up to $2500), and a suspended license for 12 months.  A judge has discretion to give a restricted license to allow an offender to drive to and from work during this period.  If your blood alcohol level was .15 or above and you are found guilty, there is mandatory jail time.

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