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Traffic Defense

Whether you are charged with driving without a license, a habitual offender violation, reckless driving, speeding, following too closely, or any other moving violation, Mr. Louie will treat you as an individual worthy of the court’s time and respect.  Mr. Louie’s goal is to ensure that every required procedure is followed in your case and that the Commonwealth is held to its burden of proving your guilt.

Each client has his or her own “story.” In other words, each client is unique and each case has its own facts and defenses. Mr. Louie takes the time to dialogue with his clients to prepare them for trial. He will give instructions to his clients on what they can do now, so that on the day of the trial, they are ready with the best defenses. Mr. Louie normally dialogues with the officer and understand his perspective and understanding of the facts before the judge hears the case. Mr. Louie understands that having a working relationship with law enforcement and the prosecutor is helpful to his client’s cause.

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Misdemeanor Defense: 

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I offer free consultations in traffic and criminal law cases so that you can be informed concerning how you should approach your stressful situation.  Please call my office at (757) 932-0464 and I will be glad to talk with you or set you up with an appointment.  The goal of my consultation is to advise you on your rights and let you know how my services would benefit you.

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Family Law

Mr. Louie has experience in a wide range of family law matters. Whether your case involves a simple uncontested divorce, the resolution of a custody dispute or paternity issue or a complex equitable distribution question regarding your military pension, his aim is to get you through the process as quickly and affordably as possible while providing high quality, personalized legal representation. Please call (757) 932-0464 to schedule a consultation today.


Mr. Louie suggests that those facing divorce consider mediation.  Mediation is generally less costly than litigation.  It allows resolution of key issues in a timely fashion and results in less post-divorce litigation.  Furthermore, mediation is confidential, as opposed to litigation, where court records are subject to public disclosure.